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Wordpress Website Designing

WordPress was released initially in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, with the idea of providing an open source tool for blogging and content management. WordPress can be combined with PHP and MySQL for providing web hosting services. WordPress Web Design is the most used and most popular blogging system and is empowering more than 60 million websites around the world.
WordPress Website Design is a unique sense of developing websites. WordPress is offering different features ranging from themes to Mobile operating systems. Users can install different themes or can even switch between different themes so that users can change the look and functionality of the mobile set or system on which WordPress has been installed. A large number of free or some paid templates are available for the users.
Different architecture plugins allow users and developers to extend the abilities of the system. More than 24000 plugins database is available for the customers. These customized ranges of plugins allow users to enhance the content displaying functionality of the website. Addition of widget and navigation bar is due to WordPress.
Widgets are small shortcuts to main programs and can also be defined as small modules so that user of the device and drag and drop sidebar content on the main screen. It also allows user to get information about the archives and the recent posts things so that users don’t need to surf in the history to search the recent activity.
WordPress versions and multi-user functionality
WordPress since its launch in 2003 has released different versions of this open source software. Before the launch of 3.0 version of WordPress, multiuser functionality has not been added to WordPress. Similarly, multi-blogging functionality has not been added to all the versions prior to the release of its 3.0 version.                                                         


WordPress development has revolutionized the scenario of website development. WordPress actually is an open source of blogging platform.
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